Jamie Reid's Last Works

Jamie Reid’s Last Works

The Sex Pistols' first single work was the last before Jamie Reid's death.

In 2022, Jamie insisted that anarchy was needed now and began work on two of his first Sex Pistols productions, ‘Anarchy In The U.K.’ and ‘Black Anarchy’.

‘Black Anarchy’ was completed in February 2023.

It was designed as a promotional flyer for the first single ‘Anarchy In The U.K.’. Based on a photograph of Johnny Lotson and early member Glen Matlock during a live performance, it was printed at Jamie's office, the ‘Suburban Press’, and distributed to record shops. The work is based on that original flyer and has been upgraded with the fluorescent colours that symbolise the band's later years.
The edition is 50, signed and numbered by the artist himself, as the work was completed before his death.

And the all-too-famous flag design ‘Anarchy In The U.K.’, which was also used as a record jacket.

Jamie passed away during the proofing process, but the original design was faithfully reproduced by manager John Marchant and others who took over his will. Unfortunately, it is not signed, but is stamped and numbered by the UK heritage organisation ARCOVA TRUST. Jamie's trademark OVA mark is also stamped.

Both works were produced at K2 (London), a print studio with a reputation for high technology, and the energy that overflows from the work is sure to amaze anyone who sees it.

ARCOVA JAPAN will be releasing them over a two-week period on 1 and 8 June.
Due to rights reasons, there will be no next shipment. Don't miss out on this opportunity.



2024.06.01 SAT 12:00 Release

Regular size (edition 200)    Limited to 6 pieces  

Large size (edition 76)    Limited to one piece  



2024.06.08 SAT 12:00 Release

Edition 50    Limited to 5 pieces  

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